Social Media Setup & Stacking Service

When you are looking for tried and tested professional services, do you check to see who are people talking about? If you are listening and taking part in a lively conversation about a shared experience, it can build a genuinely buzzing atmosphere. Sharing knowledge and wisdom within a trusted group of people can make all the difference to your quality of life.

Social stacking relies on this type of social interaction and engagement. It is an effective SEO method where you build social media profiles across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. These social networks work well with Google and other search engines because the high volume of web traffic and constant user engagement builds authority. Use them effectively, and your brand can go from strength to strength in the rankings, as well as driving organic traffic direct to your website.

Everyone knows this, but it can be time consuming to maintain. You need an organised social media strategy to ensure a consistent message with regular meaningful posts. This is where Serp Slayer can pick up the conversation for you, with our 30+ years SEO experience. We can manually optimize and stack your social media presence to ensure your brand becomes a true influencer.

We are better than other Social Media Setup & Stacking services because:

  • We use the 10 most popular social sites for your stack (which Google loves)
  • We use GEO Tagged Images across all social sites
  • We interlink your social profiles for maximum power
  • We SEO Optimise your entire stack

You are looking for someone to spread the word online about your professional services. Now that you’re communicating with us, with our broad SEO experience we can generate brand buzz amongst your existing and potential customers.

Social Media Setup & Stacking Service

  • Social profiles created for you
  • Up to 10 social media websites stacked together
  • Keywords added to profile description
  • Google+ Page Professionally Optimized
  • Link Your Social Platforms Together to create a “Stack”
  • Add Optimized Images To Google+ Page


  • 100+ Super Charged Social Signals To Your Stack

ONLY $97.00

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