Onpage SEO Service

Search engines are sophisticated pieces of technology which rely on ever changing algorithms to rank search results. Although your site’s visible content is recognised and indexed, Google also looks at links and the hidden data in the code which sits behind your site. You have to get that metadata right so that Google judges that your company website is authoritative enough to sit on the first page of results.

If you are hidden on page 3 of a Google search, it is clear your site would benefit from an SEO overhaul. Implementation of SEO takes many forms, and to be effective and consistent, it has to be part of a wider business development strategy. You are making an investment in your online presence so you have to make it count. Before any optimisation work can be done, there has to be a wider audit of your web presence to assess visibility, trust scores, domain authority, content and branding.

We have vast experience of working with companies and individuals to ensure web optimisation. Serp Slayer will use the audit report to make a plan of action. For instance, we can look at your content and insert relevant keywords and geo meta tags to ensure that Google can find you. This individual metadata on each page is vital and a refreshment of content will generate search engine interest. Continuous checking is needed to check the effectiveness of the initial optimisation.

We are better than other onpage SEO services, because we go beyond basic titles, meta tags and keyword densities:

  • We start by looking at the load speed of your website and speeding it up to load as quickly as possible.
  • We reverse engineer your top 10 competitors to figure out their secret to success.
  • We add the latest JSON schema markup to your pages.
  • We ensure there is no duplicate content, title tags or competing pages on your website.
  • We analyse and fix over 30 key elements across your site to give your website the best possible chance of ranking.
  • We are Google Fred update compliant.

We will also advise on stacking, social stacking, PBN, and the many other SEO methods which will have you shooting up the rankings. You are looking for someone to spread the word online about your professional services. Now that you’re communicating with us, with our broad SEO experience we can generate brand buzz amongst your existing and potential customers.

Onpage SEO Service

  • Up To 5 Pages of Content Optimised
  • Page Load Speed Improved
  • Page Titles, H1’s & Content Fully Optimized.
  • Images Optimised
  • JSON Schema Added
  • Content Duplication Checked
  • Internal Links Audited


  • Internal page linking
  • Check for competing pages
  • Unique content check

ONLY $497.00

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