Creating a social fortress around your website is one of the most powerful authority and branding signals in all of SEO. Using IFTTT we will create up to 25 high authority accounts, link them all together for extra strength, and then connect them to your website. Whenever you post new content to your website our IFTTT ring will automatically syndicate that content across some the powerful websites on the entire internet!

Building a strong social fortress around your website and using it for content syndication is a very effective SEO method in which you build social media profiles across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. These social networks are important to Google and other search engines because the high volume of web traffic and constant user engagement builds huge amounts of authority over time. Use them effectively, and your brand can go from strength to strength in the rankings, as well as driving organic traffic direct to your website. The SerpSlayer IFTTT ring takes content syndication to the next level though. We don’t stop at social platforms, we also build high authority web2.0 blogs within the ring making it even bigger and stronger than social platforms alone.  In fact, our IFTTT ring contains as many as 25 social media platforms and web2.0’s. It’s a significant network of sites that would take hours or even days for you to build. Why not let us do it for you at less than $4 per site?

Social Media Setup & Stacking Service

  • Up to 7 Social profiles created for you (or we use your logins if you already have them)
  • Up to 18 web2.0 and bookmarking profiles created
  • All properties stacked together to create a powerful fortress around your website
  • Keywords and brand name added to profile description
  • All web properties added to IFTTT with formulas set
  • RSS feed created and submitted to the IFTTT Ring
  • All logins given to you on completion of the order


  • 100+ Super Charged Social Signals To Your Stack

ONLY $97.00

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