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Don't have the experience, time or desire to setup your own Private Blog Network? We have you covered! We've already put in the painstaking hours of research to ensure that our network delivers the results you need.  Spanning a range of niches, we can link out from our niche-specific PBNs direct to your money sites. This option provides a great way for you to get started in record time, without worrying about researching domains, hosting, creating content or anything else.

Our PBN Links - What's On Offer

With a starting price of $50 per PBN link on our network, you will receive a link back to yours or your clients' money site(s) from one of our authority, niche specific PBN domains. The links are GUARANTEED for 6 months which means that if one of our network sites get deindexed by Google or falls below the metrics listed below, we will create a new PBN link for you at ZERO cost. At the end of the 6 months you will be offered the option to renew the link(s) for another 6 months at a 50% discounted price or to remove the link from our network.

  • Domain Authority 15+
  • Trust Flow 10+
  • Referring Domains 10+
  • Age 3 Years+
  • Article Content Included
  • On Page SEO
  • Spam Score ≤ 4
  • Delivered Within 7 Days

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What Are PBN Links?

Unleash the full power of your own network of powerful sites by utilizing a time tested method for safe and effective rankings.

In a nutshell, PBNs (Private Blog Networks) are a group of  expired domains that have been purchased because of their existing age & links (authority). By purchasing this type of site, the owner can control what’s posted to them and how often. This also comes in very handy to laser target your link building.

PBNs are considered the "HOLY GRAIL" of link building and can provide the quickest ranking gains for your website.

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Don’t know how to acquire your own PBNs or don’t have the time to? That’s where we come in. We provide top quality PBN links, with the sourcing, hosting and content all taken care of.

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